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  • KRRiT’s statement on the bill amending the Broadcasting Act

    Sent at an accelerated pace late in the evening of 28 December for further parliamentary work, the bill contained in Sejm Paper No. 158, contrary to earlier announcements by politicians of the Law and Justice party, does not comprehensively deal with the issues of public media operation in Poland, but merely introduces changes which, once enacted, would allow the immediate appointment of new authorities in public radio and television enterprises.
  • The Council’s standpoint condemning aggression against journalists

    The Constitution of Poland guarantees freedom of speech, understood as the freedom to express one’s opinions and to acquire and disseminate information (Article 54). The National Broadcasting Council has reacted several times to instances of aggression directed at journalists carrying out their professional duties in, among others, the Council’s standpoints of 15 July 2011 and 12 August 2013.
  • List of major events enters into force

    On 4 December, following a year-long vacatio legis, the regulations contained in the “KRRiT regulation on the list of major events” come into effect. A few days earlier, on 24 November, the National Broadcasting Council adopted its “Standpoint on procedure concerning broadcasting of major events on channels other than national channels available free of charge”.
    sport disciplines
  • European Audiovisual Observatory launches its free AVMSDatabase

    What’s the difference between advertising alcohol on the TV in Greece and Sweden? What do the different EU countries class as pornography on screen and when is their famous ‘watershed’? And how many minutes of free football coverage should we get in TV news?
    logo of the European Audiovisual Observatory
  • Pole to serve on the WorldDAB Steering Board

    Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn, expert and advisor to the Deputy Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council, has been made a member of the Steering Board of WorldDAB - an international organisation working for the implementation of digital radio broadcasting around the world. The organisation cooperates with broadcasters, network operators, producers and government agencies.
    photo of Krystyna Rosłan-Kuhn
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