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  • The future of the media market in Poland – the 700 MHz band and digital radio

    The conference entitled “The Future of the Media Market in Poland” organised by the National Broadcasting Council and the Poznań International Fair took place from 9-10 April under the sponsorship of WorldDMB as well as DigiTag, organisations for radio and television market participants from around the world. Technology sponsorship for the fair was provided by the Polish Chamber of Digital Radiodiffusion. Here we publish presentations and statements accompanying the conference.
    Jan Dworak, Chairman of the National Broadcasting Council (fot. S.Maksymowicz/KRRiT)
  • 2014 Election campaigns: European Parliament and local government bodies

    The National Broadcasting Council is obligated, on the basis of delegated legislation, to determine specific rules for conducting election campaigns in electronic media. The legal regulations regarding this year's two election campaigns are to be found in three regulations by the National Broadcasting Council. Taking into account the possible need for an update, a review has been carried out of the regulations laying down detailed rules for election campaigns to the European Parliament.
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  • Media Trends Award goes to KRRiT for digitisation process

    The Ministry of Administration and Digitisation, the National Broadcasting Council and the Office of Electronic Communications have received a Media Trends award in the category of Event of the Year on the media market for “the introduction of Poland to the group of countries which have completely switched off their analogue terrestrial signal, thereby providing millions of people with the opportunity to receive the television of tomorrow”.
    Witold Sęga, Małgorzata Szelachowska, Michał Boni, fot. organizers archives
  • Identification criteria for VoD providers

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    The assessment of whether a given service is an on-demand audiovisual media service is made by the National Broadcasting Council on an individual, case-by-case basis.
  • Digital Library of Public Media the joint task of broadcasters

    On 18 November 2013, the National Broadcasting Council and 19 public media organizations signed a letter of intent to establish the Digital Library of Public Media – a platform for exchange of digitised audiovisual materials. The goal of the enterprise is the creation, distribution as well as the promotion of programmes and broadcasts by public broadcasters.
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